How to do sustainable and local tourism with your sons and daughters

Although in the last year we have been experiencing mobility restrictions in all countries of the world and long-distance tourism has been greatly reduced, there are always sustainable tourism activities that can be done with your children close to home.

In this post we tell you what sustainable tourism is , what advantages it brings and what activities you can do close to home with the little ones.

What is sustainable tourism?

We have all heard of activities such as hiking or cycling. Until recently, these environmentally friendly tourism activities have been a minority, but thanks to awareness, more and more people choose sustainable tourism as an alternative to protect nature.

What are the advantages of doing sustainable tourism with children?

Children are always curious to know and discover new things, so practicing sustainable tourism can be a great opportunity to satisfy that innate curiosity. Some of the benefits that sustainable tourism brings them are the following:

  • Learn from nature . It is not only about observing, but children and adults can learn many things by doing sustainable tourism about the behavior of birds, insects, and plants in the region.
  • Become aware of the importance of caring for the natural environment . Visiting a lake, river or sea can show us the importance of caring for them and reducing or eliminating water, air or soil pollution, so that animals and plants remain and are protected. On the other hand, children can understand the damage that invasive species can do to the natural environment that is not their own.
  • Understand the need not to waste natural resources such as water . Natural resources are not infinite and children need to understand the need not to waste them both at home and when they are sightseeing.
  • Discover other cultures . Learning when visiting a new place is based on respect for what is different. You can learn new languages, try different foods and enjoy traditions that were not known until then.
  • Strengthen family ties . Sustainable tourism is a good activity to promote the union between fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, so that bonds of mutual trust and support are generated and the relationship is strengthened.

Sustainable tourism activities that can be done with children

As we said from the beginning, sustainable tourism does not require going very far from home. We propose several proximity activities so that you can enjoy with your sons and daughters:

  • Discover parks . It is likely that in your city there are parks that you still do not know or some interesting activity for children in which you have visited. In the parks you can discover new plants and flowers, see birds in the wild or learn to take care of the water and not pollute it. For example, the whole family can participate in an activity to clean the park of garbage and other waste that damages nature.
  • Visit a botanical garden . In many cities you can find botanical gardens with plants, flowers and trees from all over the world. In general, there are usually exhibitions to understand the biodiversity that exists on our planet and how to preserve it.
  • Enjoy organic yincanas . These are activities that combine games, sports and fun. In the ecological gymnasiums, various activities are proposed in which a responsible attitude towards nature is encouraged. They are activities that can be done as a family to learn and have fun at the same time.

As you have seen, sustainable tourism is not a fad, it is a necessity in order to leave future generations a clean planet to live on.

It is necessary that both children and adults become aware of the need to change our habits when we travel to leave the least possible footprint and not alter the places we visit, while still enjoying them with respect.